Thursday, March 28, 2013

Element 1: The Hook!

Our Erie Canal Hook, check out our video showing the beginning of the Erie Canal Project

All pictures taken by members of our group and the song used is Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal, by Bruce Springsteen.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Erie Canal could be an even better place for connecting with nature, through ecotourism and the history if it is protected and kept up in a clean environmental manor. Posting pictures and information about the Canal on twitter including the students from Georgia and Japan in the hashtag can help us see what they think about it and if they have already heard things about the Erie Canal.

The Erie Canal is not only part of the a broad history of, what was at this time, a miraculous new way of transportation, but it’s an important piece of the people who have grown up around it. Some have watched it develop over the years, and become this place where it has been set aside, for the next best thing. The Erie Canal is more than an allotment of a revolution, it was there for people to grow up with, and that has been lost in the mix of new forms of transportation that are quicker and easier. Older generations have this connection with the canal, but the newer generations don’t look at it the same way. The canal is completely gone in some places, while in others it has been preserved.

Our project will help educate people on the impacts the Erie Canal has on the environmental, Eco Tourism, the history behind it and its importance to society and media through these elements:

The hook: a video of people singing a line from the Erie Canal and stringing it together. (Nick)
The place: pictures put in a prezi or presentation (Marcina)
The facts: A jeopardy game of the history (Katelyn)
The pattern:interviews (John)
The parting words: summaries of other issues mentioned it the five major points including environmental impacts (Ben)